What is Coaching?

Coaching is a profession that utilizes many tools and techniques to allow individuals to reach their full potential. A coach listens,  guides, counsels, supports, and mentors individuals who are at a phase in their lives where they feel stuck or maybe they are craving a change and are unsure of how to facilitate it. Coaching allows an individual to reach into themselves and discover what they already had inside of them. 

The coaching process can address corporate success, interpersonal relationships, and other general aspects of life that are causing you to not meet your desires and goals. I help to identify the obstacles that are in your way, while focusing on your strengths,  your purpose, and reminding you that ANYTHING is possible by using specific strategies that are catered to each individual.


Therapy vs Coaching

A therapist provides a safe space for clients who might be troubled with  dysfunctional patterns of behavior, negative self talk, anxiety, and depression to name a few. In this space, the therapist may explore the root of these patterns and beliefs and resolves these into functional behaviors by using modalities such CBT, DBT, positive affirmations, etc.

In coaching, the focus is on current values, goals, and dreams. Coaches provide you a space to take risks. A coach empowers, hold clients accountable, make suggestions, guides, assist clients in remaining focused on the end goal, brainstorms, and motivates. A coach can accomplish these things by using strategies catered to the individuals needs.

In a nutshell therapy focuses on resolving clients problems while coaching focuses on proactively helping clients reach their goals.


What type of coaching do I offer? 

Relationship Coach:

Are you unhappy in your relationship? Does the cliche saying, “it’s me, not you” truly resonate with you? Or maybe you’re struggling finding the right partner. Well, let me help you. We will dive into your relationships goals, discover what you’re really seeking in a partner, and we will discover together what's waiting behind door number three.


Divorce Coach:

Has the topic of divorce come up,  a divorce is pending, or it has been finalized. Either way it is a difficult and emotional life event.  I can support you through this process. By focusing on what’s truly important and assisting you in maintaining a healthy mindset during a challenging time, we will work together to find solutions and a peace of mind.


Mental Health Coach:

Feeling drained? Are you in a constant state of mental fog and have fallen into the  “sunken place” with no way out. Life is stressful, whether the stress comes from work, relationships, or life in general,  you should know that you have options. By discussing and dissecting the problem(s), we will explore healthier avenues, increase your coping skills, and introduce you to techniques that will give you mental clarity.